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    well as most of you have probbly noticed iv reviewd quite a few tracks on here iv also played quite a few over PSN with organlegger and a few other fine fellows eg owen 🙂 any who il be away for a week and bit and throught it was time i posted some of my tracks

    ” mount zilla”
    my first mission – sports cars or what ever going up mount chili pretty much follow the track , theres at least one jump that will always throw you no matter what but yea this is my first and still one of my best


    “breaking jimmy’s balls”
    sports cars again( sultens)one of my fave tracks probably one of my most exciting tracks this one im most pleased with you start out in front of a train make your way up the mountain you will have to climb a few vertical walls going down is the best part – have fun


    “getting BFOREZ home safe and sound” – my 2nd BMX track that i made
    this one i made for a friand who throught my other tracks were to hard lol starts out with an enderunce climb and ends with a bang
    rather pleased with how it turned out


    “iv reached the top of my wealth and now im falling”
    this is an intresting one you can play with almost and car / bike you want but this started out as a failed BMX track couldnt do what i wanted to do like with alot of my other tracks the name tells alot – fair bit of roof jumping with the car of your choice best not to lower your car on any of my tracks other wise you just end up scraping the ground


    “delivering pizza”
    arguably one of my hardest jobs and my first BMX track , or tho anyone can complete it the qoute un qoute bmx pros should step in , starts out next to your most expensive apartment like the description says you will be going thro a crane and landing at michaels place , im going to split this misson in to two later on ie strip the car version out but yea i had alot of fun making this ( took about 13 hours) and yea enjoy
    http://rsg.ms/1gaJXHw btw the tracks just been updated – had it since December i think

    “BMX dumping in a pool”
    my newst and most neutral BMX track what can i say theres plenty of roof jump and you end up in a pool twice ( once) i ended up implmenting som e feedback on this from organlegger not srue how it worked out but yea if you are in to BMXs or just want somthnig simple try it 🙂


    “Rockford on all fours”

    this started out as being something that was meant to be easy hence why i made the track above as i progressed i relised that was simply not possible its a pretty nifty track sort of a fusion of my pizza delivery run starts off on the rockford plazza passes thro the police mall and ends up top the modshop ( used to end inside) and the above hope you all like it


    “ITS Not Easy Being Green”
    my 2nd BMX track ever also probbly the hardest , so this started out as something that was ment to be easier then the last i mean it it uses two cranes what could possibly go wrong? well after trying to bulid this using ramps and relising after just 5 ramps that i wont have enough props i went ahead anyway – the result is an unpublished rough cut that i will be scrapping soon , what we have here is somthing i cooked up after trying a few lay outs had this one for almost a month as well just never published it starts out like my pizza run except this one cant be exploited you have to cross both cranes oh and heres a twist you get to decide the ending thats right shoot me an idea if you like – yep after heading underground i wasint sure were to end this track heck at the start i had no clue were to go with this – i could go to the subway station and go above ground but yea intrested in where everyone thinks the track should end at 3.7 miles i probbly chould shave it down tho i doubt id try make the track any easier but yea its been fun guys


    i have other tracks that are worth trying but these tracks are my best i gave them my all and have put many hours in to them i have also put many hours in to playing and testing many other players tracks both from here , the club and on the net , il shout out some good tracks that arnt mine some other time – its late – big thanks goss out to Corsica for teaching me how to do a super jump ( diesl tank + jump) oh and if you see a deisl tank pull back and jump anyway who is interested in helping me fix my sucky descriptions let me konw would really appractie and yea my spelling is bad.

    big thanks so far to owenold school , atheistsw, organlegger , mrkonsloe , black pool , freezedried – blah and anyone i have forgotten

    please do try my tracks and corsicas bax tracks XD will play a heack of a alot more tracks once i get back from my time off 🙂 until then

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    Brilliant Mike, I was hoping you’d post some tracks up here. Very much lookin forward to improving my BMX skills so next time we race you don’t have to wait ages for me to clear the jumps! Enjoy your break, I’ll get on these in the mean time…



    i will be checking out a few of these. im more of a road racer but i dont mind the odd obstacle course.



    Hey @mikezilla2!

    I have some feedback for you:

    Breaking Jimmy´s balls:

    I tried this one with sports cars and motorbikes, definitely works better with motorbikes. Using sports cars the first part of the climb is very hard, really ball breaking 😀 then the downhill part was very crazy I liked it. Maybe there´s a turn, over the middle of the downhill part, that could be better indicated.

    Also, at the beginning of the race I was thinking: “this part would be really nice for BMX if it went on the opposite way”.

    In general, pretty rad race, but I liked it

    Delivering Pizza:

    Really insane track mate! I loved it!

    Although I have one recommendation: you should definitely placed some checkpoints in the crane as in the buses, otherwise is just too difficult to make it all in once (after 7 minutes I jumped off the building and went straight to the tennis course :D). But if you put a checkpoint in the middle of the crane and others in each bus it could be really funny to get from one checkpoint to another.

    I´m looking for play this one with many people 😀 BTW I bookmarked this one 😉

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    cheers guys not sure what to do about the checkoints as the crane is to narrow and still trying to work out how to get them on to the buses anywho im powerless to do anything for now be intesting to see what everyone thinks of my newest tracks like its not easy being green pretty srue that ones my hardest yet anhoer one for the bmx pros



    Maybe using the “player camera” you can place them while riding the bike, but no sure if the crane is wide enough. However, it must be possible to place them at the top of the buses, I have some checkpoints placed above props and stunt jumps cameras placed the same way. Hope it works!



    It doesn’t seem to matter how careful you drive down Mt. Zilla it has you! Love the string of hot dog vans on the way up. It is simply an embellished trail but great fun and completely necessary. Thanks Mike.



    thanks for all the feedback guys 🙂 going to be making Rockford on all fours and not easy being green easier now that iv got the checkpoints figured out still not sure how i want to end being green tho , can someone give me some suggestions on it ?



    Very well then. I’ve done the following:

    “BMX dumping in a pool”

    I’m sorry Mike but I have to be honest.

    Overall opinion: It’s a good concept with the roof jumping but this race is far from finished. It has an enormous amount of mistakes that NEED fixing. Overall score 2/10 from me. I’ve listed all the main problems below.

    Good aspects:
    – BMX jump over the Vinewood sign.
    – Third jump having the gas tank for added jump height.
    – Going over the pool at the motel. (concept)
    – The downhill double jump in the narrow alley.

    Bad aspects:
    -The very first ramp is sided too much to the right making the climb harder.
    – The second jump is badly positioned. It barely comes off a turn, it’s a single ramp and it’s placed 90° on a hill, inside a bush and basically behind a rock. Terrible terrible placement. I advise you to completely reposition it, make it so people are aligned for the jump, not approach it at a 90 degree turn. You placed the ramp directly behind a ramp for devils sake… Once updated, double the ramp, one next to each other and double the landing pad (white cabin).
    – Going over the pool at the motel, it’s too hard to reach the floating ramp. It should be made easier to reach the roof.
    – Wasted bus prop on the left side of the motel roof.
    – The roof jump on the building with the long round white roof. Once you respawn it’s not enough to make it to the other side. It’s the building that has a white/grey movie studio/warehouse roof.
    – The roof jump to the building called the Oeuvrf Gallery is too long.
    – The very last ramp hill to the finish line needs adjustment. The two white cabins need a third one, there cannot be a space in between to fall through.

    – Set it to BMX’s only. Not all bicycles.
    – Set a specific time of day and weather instead of current. It adds a deeper feel.
    – Set the right radio station to match BMX’ing like Vinewood Boulevard rock radio.
    – Capital letters and correct grammar in description. dumping in a pool < Dumping In A Pool.
    – The description explaining players what exactly is going to go on. Example: This race will take you over the rooftops of North Vinewood. Bunny hops are essential to overcome most obstacles etc.
    – A longer separation at the start. Move the starting line further back a few check points, otherwise everyone is going to be clogging on the first ramp.
    – The race is called BMX Dumping In A Pool. The entire concept was roofs of Vinewood, hardly any swimming pools except for the one at the hotel. Maybe change the title to something more fitting.

    ”mount zilla”

    Overall opinion: Although the whole ”Racing up and down Chilliad” style has been overly used, your race makes it even more difficult. Racing in sports cars with ramps and speed boosts going down hill with the added fact of this being a GTA Race brings only struggle and frustration rather than excitement. I highly suggest you make it more player friendly by remove all the ramps and speed boosts downhill, keep them uphill and adding barricades to support drivers. You’ll find my tips below. Overall score 3/10.

    Good aspects:
    – Speed boosts to help hill climb.
    – Second jump while climbing the mountain. The one over the blue container.

    Bad aspects:
    – Ramp on the way to Chilliad with hot dog stands. Unnecessary. Causes confusion and people falling off.
    – Generally a terrible idea placing an immense amount of speed boosts as the race progresses downhill. People should brake and drive cautiously so they don’t slip. The boosts do the opposite.
    – Remove the dumpster jump going downhill.
    – Remove ALL ramps going downhill, it’s difficult to stay on the mountain as it is especially in sports cars.

    – Set a specific time of day and weather instead of current. It adds a deeper feel. Morning suits off-road races.
    – Capital letters and grammar in the title/description. mount zilla < Mount Zilla
    – Description based off of the track. Give it at least some minor detail so players know what to expect.
    – Start separation. I suggest placing the start at the other end of the tunnel.
    – Placing barricades and fences while climbing and going downhill. At the moment, your props help people fall off the mountain, rather than stay on it. I suggest placing the construction fences as they match the environment and blend in rather than for example the blue construction fences which completely look out of place on a mountain.
    – Place the finish line somewhere more significant. It’s completely out of place sitting in between highway fences.

    I’ve spent a good amount of time observing and testing both races and believe me, they NEED treatment. The flow is twisted and the difficulty obscene with many unnecessary choices. There are good aspects here and there which are pleasurable but at the moment, all the bad aspects outweigh them.

    Again, I’m sorry Mike but as I said before I’m only being honest and want the best of your tracks. Which is why I compiled a detailed list of issues and what to be kept from the good aspects. I wish you luck if you so choose to update them.

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